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Monday, 23 May 2011


I started my diet at a massively overweight 229lbs, at a height of 5'11", this placed me as obese on the BMI scale. I play football twice a week and occasionally cycle, so I am reasonably fit for my weight, but my beer belly is becoming more of a concern as each week passes by. A diet of junk, fried and snack food, along with a two-day drinking binge each weekend was not helping.
I started a diet and training scheme on Monday 9th of April. I cut my calories down to 1000-1500 per day and started doing some form of exercise most days. A regular week consists of 5-a-side football on Tuesday and Wednesday, Spinning on Thursday and Saturday and weight training in between. My diet has been significantly reduced to a basic 5 meal day. These meals will consist of a cereal bar on a morning, fat free yoghurt and/or fruit mid-morning, a high protein, meat based dinner, fruit for an afternoon snack, meat and potatoes for dinner and a low fat snack on an evening. I have tried to avoid processed foods wherever possible.
The first week of my diet went really well, I lost a total of 7lbs dropping my weight to 222lbs. I know the first week is always the easiest, and most of it will be fluid loss, so I have tried to not get too excited over it.
The lack of food started taking effect on my energy levels in the second week. The hunger pains started to disappear, but the tiredness was having an effect on my training. My friend James introduced me to a supplement called L Tyrosine which gives an energy boost and aids recovery times. I purchased some of this along with another supplement called ALCAR. The effects of these were noted immediately. The first time I tried them before spinning, I could have went on for another hour. I haven't noticed any side effects at the moment, so far so good. These can be purchased from My Protein and if you use my code MP390493 you will receive 5% off your first order.
I lost a further 4lbs this week which brought my weight down to 218lbs. Which brings me to today.
I have set myself a goal of 182lbs, which for my height and frame, will give me the recommended BMI of 25. If I lose 3lbs per week, I will achieve this goal some time at the beginning of August, 2lbs per week will be towards the end of September. I have two targets to aim for, these are Leeds Festival on the last weekend of August, and a holiday to Ibiza at the back end of September.
Another friend, Niki, told me about an ab workout called 'Ab Ripper X'. After some Googling and YouTubing, I found some interesting articles about the workout. It is part of a workout programme called P90x, by a bloke called Tony Horton who claims you can be ripped in 90 days. The DVD's for this workout range from £50-£120 depending on which package you buy. Luckily for me I already have all the equipment necessary for this and I have obtained the DVD's by other means, so it hasn't cost me any money. I usually avoid workout DVD's and programmes that are seen on TV by smug presenters as they are generally just a rip off for people who don't really know what they are doing. After some research and looking at testimonials, this one actually seems to work. I know I have a lot of weight to lose, so I don't expect to be ripped by the end of it, but I thought it would be fun to document my results, and hopefully it will help others out there.
If I go for my target of Leeds Festival, then my 90 days will start this coming Saturday, so I will stick to my current training programme and start then. I will provide weekly updates and the occasional photo so you can all see my progress.
If anyone would like to contact me about my methods then feel free to e-mail me or a leave a comment.

Peace out,